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Lyft Rates – What is Lyft?

Lyft is a transportation network company that is privately owned and based out of San Francisco. The Lyft app can be downloaded on your mobile phone and it enables peer to peer ride sharing at Lyft rates that are very pocket friendly. This means that passengers needing a ride are connected to drivers with a car.

Lyft rates are calculated using technology, specifically smart phones, which track the miles covered and use this to determine cost. The Lyft app works on android or iOS which are downloaded from the app store. It is possible to determine the Lyft rates for a desired ride in advance.

To request a ride all that is needed is to input your GPS location onto your phone, fill in your intended destination and ask for a Lyft price estimate. Lyft rates are some of the most competitive out there. The app will give you further information on when the nearest car will get to you and you can monitor the car’s progress on a map. The name of the driver, their rating and type of vehicle they are driving is also provided. This article will take an in depth look at the Lyft app and how it can be used to satisfy your transportation needs.

Lyft Rates – PrIcing


Basic Lyft rates


Lyft rates per mile


Minimum Lyft rate fee




*Safety Fee


*safety fee on the Lyft rates cover background checks on the drivers, vehicle inspections and safety initiatives.

How to Use Lyft

The whole concept of ride sharing came about as an alternative option to taxis. Several top services were launched in San Francisco including Lyft, because cabs were hard to find outside of the central business district. The Lyft rates were also more competitive than cabs.

Rather than ride sharing however, Lyft and many similar apps can better be described as ride hailing services. Lyft is available in eighty eight metropolitan areas in the U.S.

How to get the Lyft App

The first step to utilizing Lyft is to download the app on your smart phone device be it android or iPhone. You can find the app in your app store or get it via direct link.

Opening an Account

Once your app is installed on your phone, it’s time to open an account. As you open the app it will prompt you to either login in to an already existing account or sign up for a new account. Once you’ve signed up, you use your username and password to log into your account. An alternative way to sign in is to use your Facebook account.

Add a Payment Method

Lyft prides itself on being a cashless service which means that you can pay the Lyft rates whether or not your wallet is empty or full, you will still be able to hail a ride. As long as one or more valid credit cards or PayPal accounts are connected to your Lyft profile you are good to go. To validate this it is important that you go to the payment tab on the app which is found under the menu option. Obtaining Lyft rates in advance is also available here.

Request a Ride

Once you’ve completed all these items on your to-do list, it’s time to take a ride. Once you’ve signed into your account and determined your destination, and obtained an estimate of the Lyft rates, it’s time to set a pick up location. Your chosen location will be highlighted with a blue circle and if it’s not accurate you can drag the marker until you’re satisfied that the location is just right. Alternatively you can utilize the set pickup’ button which gives you the option of typing in your address.

Once you’ve hailed a ride, you get to choose a car service. The standard Lyft is the default ride. However if you’re more than four people you can request the Lyft plus. The Lyft line is only available in selected cities and it’s an economic option if you’re alone. Once the journey is over, your app will inform you of the Lyft rates that you owe. This is affected by several factors including prime time and specific locations. As stated earlier, Lyft rates are much lower than using a cab and with various options at your disposal, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Finally don’t forget to enjoy your Lyft!


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